Twitter use in the US is up across all age groups

A recent study from Pew’s Internet and the American Life project shows that Twitter usage has risen across all age groups. A full 72% of all American adults now use at least one social network and for Twitter that number is 18%. Related PostsAnti-vaxxers take to Twitter to derail politics, are quite good at it […]

White House ups threshold for new petitions

The White House has increased the threshold for response for all new “We the people” online petitions. You’ll now need 100,000 rather than 25,000 signatures. While I think that it’s shitty that they’re quadrupling the numbers needed to get a guaranteed response I really can’t say I blame them. Between deporting Pierce Morgan, building a […]

One more look at Obama’s email fundraising campaign

Obama’s email fundraising campaign raised somewhere in the ballpark of $630 million. This was done through some pretty extensive a/b testing to figure out exactly which subject lines, text, and donation pages would produce the best results. That’s not exactly news in this post-election world. What is interesting however is that Kyle Rush, a front-end […]

Google reports a 70% spike in censorship requests

Google is reporting that there were 1,791 requests by governments to take down content from search results in the first half of 2012; a 70% increase. The top 2 offending countries were Turkey with 501 requests and the US with 273. via topsecretwriters Related PostsMarch is NSFW month on Ello Russia passes new law to […]

Tumblr subverts the media

So David Petraeus, former CIA head honcho, slept with someone who wasn’t his wife. For some reason, which is beyond me, this has become a big scandal. I still can’t sort it out despite having a giant flow chart. Needless to say that there are other things happening in the world that may be a […]

Firing Big Bird

So last night was the first of the 2012 US presidential debates. Either Romney won handily or Obama gave him enough rope to hang himself. Depends who you listen too. One thing is clear though, you don’t fuck with Big Bird. During the debate Mitt Romney brought up the fact that he wanted to cut […]

Facebook and peer pressure team up to increase voter turnout

A new study published in Nature shows, perhaps unsurprisingly, that online peer pressure can influence people’s actions, sometimes in positive ways. The large scale experiment, performed during the US’ 2010 midterm elections, exposed 60 million people to a non-partisan “get out the vote” message. The message featured a reminder that “Today is Election Day”; a […]

Pew: Politics on Social Networking Sites

Pew’s Internet and the American Life Project has just released their latest report, Politics on Social Networking Sites. Here are 5 findings (provided without context): More than a third of social network users say that social networks are important to them in keeping up with politics. Democrats feel that social networks are more important to […]

Obama’s speech leads to Google spike

Google reports that after the President finished his speech, searches for “register to vote: doubled. When @barackobama‘s #DNC2012 speech ended at 11:03 p.m. ET, @google searches for “register to vote” doubled nationwide. #googlepolitics — Google Politics (@googlepolitics) September 7, 2012