Maybe now is a good time to audit your third-party access on Facebook

Given the news that Cambridge Analytica scrapped the data of more than 50 million people on Facebook by using a personality testing app it might be a good time to look at who you've let access your data on Facebook and cull that list down to the bare essentials. It's worth noting that the data was originally gathered with consent, though how it was used and by who is a much muddier issue. It's also worth mentioning that this isn't the only shady thing Cambridge Analytica is in the news for.

You can see all the apps you've allowed access to under your settings. I had more than 30 and I've managed to cut that down significantly.

When embedding tweets can get you sued

Well this is interesting. The federal court in New York has just ruled, against precedent, that embedding a copyrighted work can be copyright infringement. In this case, a photo was taken, tweeted out by a third-party, and then embedded in a number of news articles.

Up until now the law has stated that copyright infringement takes place at the point where something is copied and not when someone links to infringing material.

As the EFF points out in their summary, the reason for judgement relies on a problematic understanding of how embedding digital content works as opposed to linking. It depends on differentiating the process of embedding from linking and the technical skill needed for each. That's weird to me because both are essentially copy and paste jobs and require no skill whatsoever. 

via Boing Boing