Two Canadian apps to help you make informed decisions

I recently came across two apps coming from Canada that are designed to help the user make informed decisions.

The first is Democracy Link helps connect you to your elected representative and send them messages. A Google search would net you the same results but anything that removes a barrier to communicating with your representative is helpful. Over on this Reddit thread the creator answered some questions.

Over here in Vancouver we’re in the middle of a plebiscite on whether we want more public transit or not. Despite the fact that that whole previous sentence is ridiculous there has been some good that’s come from it. Moving Forward teamed up with Discourse Media to create a web app that tells you the costs, personal and societal, of your choice of transit for your commute. It’s a useful tool and lets me feel superior about my cycling. Too bad it’s buried under around 500 words. Pro tip: don’t bury the lead.