Today is Move Your Domain Day

It looks like domain registrar Go Daddy has stepped in it yet again.

In all the hubbub about SOPA it came out that not Go Daddy, one of the largest domain registrars around, supported the legislation. Well it turns out that they didn’t just support the legislation, they also helped write it and are exempt from it.

The internet is a fickle mistress and it was not amused.

This support did not sit well with Ben Huh (of I can haz cheezburger fame) or Jimmy Wales (of Wikipedia).

Spurred on by this, Reddit (among other sites) decided to boycott Go Daddy and thus Move Your Domain Day was created.

Some people jumped the gun with the boycott and the effects so far have been up for debate, but is has resulted in Go Daddy withdrawing its support in a half-hearted press release.

In any case it will be interesting to see how the events of today unfold and whether this will have any real impact on the now floundering legislation. Reddit is proving to be a quite the grassroots birthing ground, but I’ve yet to see them manage to maintain any sort of prolonged action. Boycotting a company you’re already not keen on is one thing, boycotting one you like (i.e. Nintendo, another SOPA supporter) or turning that into political power is a completely other thing. Stay tuned.