/r/atheism strikes again

Last weekend on reddit – a social news site – was a bit of a gong show, but in the best way possible. Every year, partly in an effort to prove that atheists aren’t evil devil-worshipers (I know), /r/atheism – the atheist community on reddit – raises funds for a charity. This year they chose Doctors Without Borders.

All was going well until the 3rd when a member of /r/atheism (DoctorYuyi) posted a picture of what they received as a secret Santa gift from another redditor (another Christmas reddit tradition). Fair warning, there’s some nsfw language in the letter (the full thread is here). The letter berates the user for being both gay and an atheist. Other redditors offered to step in as a secret Santa but DoctorYuyi asked instead that they make a donation to charity.

That’s when /r/atheism went a bit nuts. Before this happened their charity drive was sitting at somewhere around $22,000 with an end goal of $50,000. The community saw this letter as a call to arms and mobilized and right now, after a 3 day flurry of donations, they have raised more than $170,000 for DWB/MSF. You can take a look at their donation page here.

I think they proved their point.