Tweeting world leaders

A new report from Digital Daya says that 75% of world leaders now have a Twitter account (either personal or for the office itself). That’s twice as many as last year. If you’re looking for something a little lower down the totem pole you can try and find representatives on these sites – assuming you’re […]

The difference between Facebook and Twitter

Matt Haughey has written an interesting piece on his relationship with both Twitter and Facebook. If I look at everyone I’m following on Twitter, by and large they are peers I’ve known for the past few years in my current circle of friends, people that excite me with new ideas, music, and art, and lots […]

Who needs 140 characters anyways

Twitter has announced that tweets containing urls will now be limited to 118 characters (117 for https ones). Since this is due to a change in Twitters built in url shortner it presumably won’t affect you if you use another services like, say, Related PostsTwitter opens analytics platform to all [infographic!] more exclamation points […]

Google and Twitter reopen Speak2Tweet

Syria’s internet was cut off yesterday. In response Google and Twitter have reopened Speak2Tweet. Speak2Tweet is a service that turns voicemail messages into tweets that are then displayed on The free service first launched a little less than 2 years ago when the internet was cut off in Egypt. Related PostsMarch is NSFW month […]

How much is a tweet worth?

I’ve asked how much a tweet or Facebook share is worth here before and never managed to find a good answer. This infographic by Everbrite puts the value at $4.15 for a Facebook share and $1.85 for a tweet. The fact that Facebook is worth more than Twitter makes sense (and the LinkedIn ranks the […]

The Impact of Twitter on Journalism

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When to post to get the biggest audience

Of course this all goes out the window as soon as your audience is spread across a few timezones. via SocialMediadd Related PostsDeveloping an Epic Facebook Strategy for Your Nonprofit Facebook addresses edgerank concerns (sorta) Google+ continues its trend of mediocrity Everyone hates Edgerank but Zuckerberg Facebook engagement rates are horrible but it doesn’t matter

Twitter censors its first account

After implementing the ability to censor accounts by geographic location a few months ago, Twitter has censored its first account. @hannoverticker, the Twitter account of a neo-Nazi group, has been blocked in Germany at the request of German police. It’s still available outside the country. Related PostsSyria goes offline Google reports a 70% spike in […]

Firing Big Bird

So last night was the first of the 2012 US presidential debates. Either Romney won handily or Obama gave him enough rope to hang himself. Depends who you listen too. One thing is clear though, you don’t fuck with Big Bird. During the debate Mitt Romney brought up the fact that he wanted to cut […]

Tracking casual homophobia online

Anyone who’s spent any time reading YouTube comments or played a game online knows that the word gay gets thrown around as an insult with reckless abandon. While it often isn’t meant to be used as a slur there is a problem of associating the word gay with being an insult – I’ve found myself […]