Google and Twitter reopen Speak2Tweet

Syria’s internet was cut off yesterday. In response Google and Twitter have reopened Speak2Tweet. Speak2Tweet is a service that turns voicemail messages into tweets that are then displayed on

The free service first launched a little less than 2 years ago when the internet was cut off in Egypt.

How much is a tweet worth?

I’ve asked how much a tweet or Facebook share is worth here before and never managed to find a good answer. This infographic by Everbrite puts the value at $4.15 for a Facebook share and $1.85 for a tweet.

The fact that Facebook is worth more than Twitter makes sense (and the LinkedIn ranks the least). It speaks to the relationships people have with who they follow on the platform. Now the numbers themselves seem high to me, but then I’m not the person who ran the numbers. In any case, at the very least it’s a starting point when you’re trying to figure out the return on your efforts.

When to post to get the biggest audience

Of course this all goes out the window as soon as your audience is spread across a few timezones.

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Twitter censors its first account

After implementing the ability to censor accounts by geographic location a few months ago, Twitter has censored its first account. @hannoverticker, the Twitter account of a neo-Nazi group, has been blocked in Germany at the request of German police. It’s still available outside the country.

Firing Big Bird

So last night was the first of the 2012 US presidential debates. Either Romney won handily or Obama gave him enough rope to hang himself. Depends who you listen too. One thing is clear though, you don’t fuck with Big Bird.

During the debate Mitt Romney brought up the fact that he wanted to cut funding to PBS. Now, this is bullshit for a number of reasons but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Romney’s big mistake when talking about PBS was to mention that the cuts would effect Sesame Street and everyone’s favorite 7 foot tall anthropomorphic yellow bird.

Needless to say, this pissed off a lot of people who grew up with Big Bird (namely anyone born after 1969). The debate last night was the most tweeted about event in US political history and there were 17,000 tweets per minute about Big Bird.

So what can we learn from this? Well first of all don’t attack beloved and iconic characters. On a more practical note, something that is always stressed as a way to garner attention on social media is to be topical. This, assuming you can spin it to your cause, is a great opportunity to tap into the zeitgeist.

So far I’ve seen two groups jump on. First of all is PBS themselves. The Sesame Street Twitter account tweeted

Which was followed by the PBS account tweeting

which included a link to their fundraising site. They also bought the ad phrase Big Bird with the 2nd tweet so that anyone who searched for Big Bird was greeted with the message.

Aside from those involved I also saw Rainforest Action Network using absurdity of the situation to highlight the lack of any mention of climate change. This picture was originally posted by Forecast the Facts who, from a quick glance haven’t had anything even close to this big on Facebook before.

FTF’s post was shared 1,431 times as I’m writing this. All their other posts, at a glance, have been shared somewhere in the single digits or thereabouts. Not too shabby.

Tracking casual homophobia online

Anyone who’s spent any time reading YouTube comments or played a game online knows that the word gay gets thrown around as an insult with reckless abandon. While it often isn’t meant to be used as a slur there is a problem of associating the word gay with being an insult – I’ve found myself to by guilty of this on occasion too.

So I found it interesting when I was reading Osocio and stumbled across Created by University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, it tracks the use of homophobic language on Twitter and keeps a running tally for the day. It also displays the tweets in real time and some of them can be really quite disturbing.

List of fatwas

The following is a list of people or actions that have had fatwas issued against them:

  • the production of nuclear weapons;
  • Geert Wilders;
  • Salman Rushdie; and
  • terrorism;

You can also add to that list buying Twitter followers.

via the Guardian

Mashable takes a look at the intersection between politics and social media

Mashable holds a panel taking on a topic near and dear to me, the intersection between politics and social media. Participants are Mashable’s Alex Fitzpatrick, Ethan Klapper, the politics social media editor at The Huffington Post, and Zach Green, an Analyst at