The average website is the size of Doom and that's something we should think about

When I was a kid I had a demo copy of Doom (like the first level only?) and I played it for hours. It came on a floppy disk with some magazine I probably didn't care about. Recently the average size of a website has surpassed the size of a full install of Doom. At first that's a neat fact but it might actually be something to give us pause.

Earlier this week I met with a group that's building out infrastructure to remote Aboriginal communities who don't have access (at least reliably) to high speed internet. In some cases they don't have access to any internet. More commonly though there are communities that are sharing, what I in all my urban convenience would consider, criminally slow download speeds. We're talking 10mb down connections being shared by 30 homes slow. I cant imagine that this issue is entirely unique to Canada.

Now that's not enough to make modern websites unusable (barring streaming sites like Netflix) but it's enough to impact usability. In my day to day I ideally want to be able to reach these communities and that means scaling back websites and not always being as fancy as we'd want to be. That might not be the case for you. Still, it serves as a good reminder that the on the ground situation can sometimes be very different from what you're used to.