Facebook shuts down parody page and gives it followers to the page it was parodying

So this is a weird one. Facebook has, apparently, shut down a parody page and then took everyone who liked that parody page and automatically made them like the page it was making fun of. The full story is in the video below.

There's a lot going on here according to the video but the take away for clicktivists here is that not only are parody accounts not safe on Facebook but that they'll add you to the followers of pages that you oppose when they shut down the page. Shutting down the page isn't much of a surprise really. That's not to say it's right, but it definitely isn't coming out of left field. Moving the fans though is as far as I can tell is unprecedented and really problematic when they a) don't ask for your consent, and b) don't tell you what they've done. I can imagine a few scenarios where people will start seeing content without realizing the source once they've been moved over.

This shouldn't necessarily stop you from creating parody accounts but it's a risk you should consider before you go making your next fake Exxon page.