Liking blasphemous posts could land you in jail in India

The Indian state of Karnataka has announced that “that uploading, modifying, resending and liking malicious or misleading images, videos and messages through any medium with an intention of hurting religious sentiments knowingly or unknowingly is a punishable offence” which could land you in jail for up to a year. via MediaNama Related PostsClicktivism breakdown: Survive125 Friday […]

Facebook is an app more than a site

Facebook’s most recent earnings report shows that they have 1.32 billion users a month. Of that more than a billion people logged on to Facebook using a mobile device and around a third of all users only access Facebook on mobile devices. That’s huge and the trend is upwards with a growth of 31%. Anyone doing any […]

Can activism be a game?

Last month, I had the chance to go down to San Francisco and attend GSummit, a conference on gamification. Gamification has become a little bit of an obsession lately so I was looking forward to the conference and it turned out to be better than I expected. So what’s gamification? It’s the idea of learning […]

This is just neat: lego man protests shell when you tweet

Alright, this is just a neat project. You may have heard that Greenpeace is running a campaign now to have Lego end their partnership with Shell. That campaign inspired Brian Fitzgerald (FYI – friend of the blog and my former boss) to build a lego diorama of an oil rig protest. When people tweet out […]

Apparently I’m not the only fan of Ethan Zuckerman

Ethan Zuckerman likes to talk about cute cats. Well, everyone on the internet likes to talk about cute cats but he does it academically. No, seriously. See, he has this theory called the Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism. It says that cute cats, and really all the innocuous things on the internet that amuse […]

You’re one in a million (or 3 billion)

The United Nations International Telecommunications Union has just announced that there will be nearly 3 billion people with access to the Internet by the end of the year. That’s roughly 40% or so of everyone in the world. Woah. On top of that two thirds of that is in the developing world and one third have […]

Russia passes new law to deter bloggers

Widely known as the “bloggers law,” the new Russian measure specifies that any site with more than 3,000 visitors daily will be considered a media outlet akin to a newspaper and be responsible for the accuracy of the information published. Besides registering, bloggers can no longer remain anonymous online, and organizations that provide platforms for […]

Twitter blocks two Turkish whisleblower accounts

[The two] accounts blocked on Sunday — @Haramzadeler333 and @Bascalan — each had more than 400,000 followers and leaked secretly recorded phone conversations and documents implicating the prime minister and his inner circle in a wide-ranging scandal. Twitter says that they followed all the proper procedures. via The Washington Times Related PostsTwitter supports gifs (kinda) […]