Why aren’t mobile games more reflective of their users?

If you’re even remotely interested in video games or feminism and use the internet then you know that any discussion of the two has inevitably turned into an absolute clusterfuck for the last 6 months. It’s a shame too because in all the controversy about controversy – and I don’t want to downplay the legitimate […]

.com is 30 today

The .com domain, much like Back to the Future, turned 30 this year. In fact it turned 30 just on March 15th. That’s far enough back that the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine’s first logged version is from 1998 when the site was already a teenager. It even has a visitor counter! I haven’t seen one […]

March is NSFW month on Ello

So, today I get this email from Ello announcing that March is NSFW month… Following Google’s decision to ban NSFW content from Blogger (followed by an awkward reversal), we decided to celebrate freedom of speech on Ello by naming March NSWF Month. Now, if you head to their new new freedom of speech page you can see this message […]

Meshnet app takes off in Hong Kong

I saw an interesting article a couple days ago about FireChat taking off in Hong Kong because of the protests, a peer to peer chat program that uses a meshnet to work. That means that it doesn’t require any cell signal or wifi to work. Instead it creates a giant distributed network using everyone’s bluetooth. The […]

Sick of selfies? Get ready to hate #Selfielapse

Since its launch last month, Hyperlapse has been the new Instagram sensation. The app that lets you ditch the tripod and shoot timelapse videos with your mobile has now been updated  with a front-facing camera feature to accommodate selfie-lovers’ needs. Yay… *rolling eyes* Get ready for the #Selfielaspe invasion, folks! (Or perhaps for the upcoming […]

Liking blasphemous posts could land you in jail in India

The Indian state of Karnataka has announced that “that uploading, modifying, resending and liking malicious or misleading images, videos and messages through any medium with an intention of hurting religious sentiments knowingly or unknowingly is a punishable offence” which could land you in jail for up to a year. via MediaNama Related PostsClicktivism breakdown: Survive125 Friday […]