More attempts to censor the ‘net

China’s preeminent micro-blogging website Sina Weibo – think Twitter – has released a new EULA that’s a little problematic. The new terms of service require that all users sign a “user contract.” Part of this contract states that users are forbidden from posting anti-government content. As far as Sina Weibo goes this is more a codification of censorship already in place, but that censorship has never been so flagrant or transparent – via The Verge

Earlier this month Kuwait’s Information Minister, Sheikh Mohammad al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, announced plans to regulate social networks in order to “safeguard the cohesiveness of the population and society.” – via EFF

In better news, Twitter has recently filed a motion to stop a court order requesting user information. The District Attorney’s Office in Manhattan is seeking information on Malcolm Harris, who was charged with disorderly conduct during an Occupy Wallstreet event. – via the ACLU