SOPA loses supporters (kinda)

A quick update on where SOPA stands coming into 2012:

  • Go Daddy has now gone from supporting SOPA, to not supporting it, to opposing it following a well publicized boycott. Given the fact that they helped write the legislation I’m having a hard time taking them at face value or feeling any sympathy for their lost business. In any case there are still plenty of reasons to avoid using Go Daddy, so take your pick.
  • Possibly fearing a similar backlash, Sony, Nintendo, and Electronic Arts have all withdrawn their support of the bill. It’s worth noting however that all three are members of the Entertainment Software Association, which still supports the bill.
All in all this is a mixed bag of news with the loss of support being, at least in my opinion, purely cosmetic. Losing such prominent supporters has helped raise awareness however, which is never a bad thing. We’ll have to see where everything stands when the committee reconvenes this year.

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