Greenpeace and AIDES up for Web Awards

You’ve got only two days left to vote for your favourite website of the year. Like every year, the FWA (Favourite Website Award) is running a competition to reward the best use of technology in cutting edge website design. The list of the coolest websites  of 2011 includes a great variety of  game-like websites and a number of big brands. If you have couple of minutes, try out some of those; you’ll find yourself in the middle of an interactive movie or killing hipsters in a puppet-like world. Most importantly, we are very glad to see the presence of two non profit websites among the nominees: Greenpeace and AIDES.

Greenpeace’s website The New Warrior won the awards for best site of the month last March, when it was launched to fund the construction of their new ship, the Rainbow Warrior III. The  website  allows users to take a virtual tour of the ship and “buy” pieces of it, in exchange for a symbolic certificate of ownership. I personally had the opportunity to see this amazing website grow, and played around with it since its very first days, so I may sound a bit biased when I say it’s a real masterpiece of design. But I dare you to have a look yourself and prove me wrong.

If you are looking for something funnier, but equally noble in scope, check out the August best site award winning Sexi Fingers. Despite the flippant appearance and the colourful nudity, this is indeed a brilliant  information website on the rapid  HIV testing. Run by AIDES, a French anti-AIDS association, the website sends a clear message to the internet audience: it only takes one finger to get tested for HIV. A big finger-cursor is what it’ll take you to explore this very unusual site.

Have fun exploring the coolest websites of the year and tell us what your favourite is in the comments below!