Clicktivism round-up

In the news this week (or thereabouts):

  • Just a few weeks ago Twitter acquired Whisper Systems with the plan of open sourcing their software. They’ve already released TextSecure, which is encrypts text messages and is quite popular in certain activist circles.
  • Over at Salon Glenn Greenwald is musing on the possibility of the US government shutting down the Twitter accounts of foreign organizations after the, frankly surreal, appearance of Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahedeen (a Somalia based terrorist organization) on the scene.
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo has banned SMS in the wake of their hotly contested election.
  • China has issued new rules requiring weibos – the Chinese equivalent of Twitter – users to give their real names to website administrators. The service has been gaining popularity in recent months as a venue to vent frustration with the government.

The SOPA saga continues…

  • On Monday we discussed SOPA and since then there have been a few developments. Today’s scheduled committee vote has been postponed with apparently no new date set.


  • Whether the bill goes through or not you can take solace in a new Firefox extension, DeSOPA, which helps to circumvent the censorship techniques established by the bill. When you land on a blocked page this extension allows you to connect via foreign DNS servers – and thus avoid the domestic DNS blockades – with the click of a button. Easy peasy.

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